Spencer X Smith Marketing Tech Talk

Tips from a digital marketing expert

In the latest episode of Marketing Tech Talk, Widen CEO Matthew Gonnering sits down with Spencer X Smith, co-founder of AmpliPhi, a Madison-based firm specializing in Business Generation Solutions for Modern Companies, and an instructor at the University of Wisconsin where he teaches classes on Social Media Strategy. Smith has been called a “Digital Marketing Expert” by Forbes, and is the winner of the 2016 InBusiness Magazine Executive Choice Award for Social Media Consulting Company. He has been featured and quoted in Money Magazine, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Costco Connection and dozens of other publications. He also writes columns for InBusiness Magazine, The Huffington Post, Law Journal Newsletters, and the American Bar Association.

At 0:15, Spencer explains his recent transition from strict consulting to tactical implementation with social media and digital marketing. He recognized that his clients gravitated towards his ideas, but lacked the capacity to execute.

At 7:39, Spencer talks about how to train LinkedIn’s algorithm to organically amplify people’s brands to targeted audiences. He explains how to post, tag, and teach LinkedIn to share more his content and less of other people’s.

At 9:36, Spencer and Matthew discuss co-branding and the issues of not being authentic in your messaging on social media. If you’re propagating some message that’s incongruent with what you want in the marketplace, somebody is gonna call you out and show that you’re not truly who you say you are.

At 13:10, Spencer explains how millennials are eventually going to control the capital. There are now more 26-year-olds in the country than any other age, and they are going to want to buy products that are consistent with their beliefs, so why not get ahead of that conversation now.

At 13:52, in response to Matthew’s request for an example of authenticity in PR, Spencer talks about McDonald’s and how they reacted to negative comments about their meat product. He explains how they were able to squash this issue by welcoming these conversations, even if people were criticizing.

At 18:08, Spencer gives a preview of his presentation at Content Marketing Conference called, “How to Secure Budget with Dubious Bosses.” He explains how to react to the ROI question from superiors, prioritizing which channels to invest in, and being transparent in whatever decisions are made.

At 27:09, Spencer shines light on the lifetime value of a customer, and how much money a company may have to spend to earn that customer. “I feel like companies really undervalue their relationships.” Don’t fall for this trap!

At 31:02, Spencer talks about his journey from early childhood, into chasing a career in social. One of the big epiphanies he experienced along this transition was how to use current events to stay top of mind for his prospects until they were ready to buy.

At 42:16, Spencer confesses a story about a lesson he learned regarding blindly following people on Twitter after they followed him. He explains how it’s not always about the numbers.

At 44:20, Spencer explains how it’s difficult for CEOs and Directors to stay current on digital trends due to excessive meetings. Because of this, it is the marketer’s job to bring salient points about what they should know. It’s our job as marketers to ascertain what that stuff is.

At 46:17, Spencer shares his interpretation of The LinkedIn Guide to Employee Advocacy and speaks to the strategy behind building up personal brands. “For every six shares an employee puts out, that leads three people to look at the company page, which leads to one follower.”

At 51:47, Spencer talks about the importance of trusting employees on social media. He references NASA and it’s culture as the reason for its major success on social media platforms.

At 54:38, Spencer talks about trends he sees in the social media industry. Three years ago, social media companies were interested in seeing our futures, or aspirations, based on the content we consumed. Today, it’s not just the future that companies want, it’s the present.

At 56:36, Spencer talks about the effects of Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn, and the changes we can expect to see in business intelligence and predictive analytics.