MTT Ashley Quinto Powell

In the latest episode of Marketing Tech Talk Widen CEO Matthew Gonnering sits down with Ashley Quinto Powell. Ashley has been in technical consulting sales for 10 years, and is the Business Development Manager for Bendyworks. She speaks nationally on Salary Negotiation for Women in Tech, and most recently presented at Google Women Techmakers Montreal and the Madison Speaker Crawl. She actively contributes to tech and entrepreneurship by co-organizing the Madison Women in Tech, as an ambassador for the Doyenne Group, and by promoting mentorship in the community.  She’s an enthusiastic contributor to the planning efforts of Forward Fest, Madison’s greatest 8 days, and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs get right-sized technical solutions. In 2017, she has been named a Brava Woman to Watch and an InBusiness Magazine 40 Under 40.  She has been quoted in MSN Money and the Huffington Post and when not evangelizing Bendyworks, she can be found at home painting, crafting, cooking, and toddler-wrangling.

At 1:15, Ashley discusses her background. She started commissioned based sales when she was 17 at the apartment building her parents lived at. Eventually, after a few years she became the property manager. After this, she decided it was time for a change so she started a jewelry company with her mom. She got into technology when she had to make the website for their company.

At 4:37, Ashley shares how she got into Bendyworks and gives a little more insight into what Bendyworks does. Bendyworks is a high-end custom software development firm. They’re primarily specialists in Ruby on Rails, but also do a lot with JavaScript and Google technologies. They also do stuff around iBeacons and they’re trying to get into machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

At 6:18, Ashley talks about her community involvement, which is vast. Ashley is the primary organizer of the Madison Women In Tech group, an ambassador for the Doyenne Group, and a proud member of the Downtown Madison Rotary. She is also on the leadership committee of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Man & Woman of the Year campaign, helps out with Write/Speak/Code, does speaking at technical conferences, is on the planning committee for Forward Fest, and is a judge at the Wisconsin Innovation Awards.

At 9:04, Ashley describes how she accomplishes all of these great things along with advancing her own career. She says she has a wonderful support system, doesn’t watch TV and makes the most out of the 24 hours she has in the day.

At 11:39, Ashley reveals her secret for what she believes makes a great salesperson. She says a phenomenal salesperson never eats alone.

At 13:33, Ashley shares who she looks to for influence. She likes the women who run the Doyenne Group because they’re really doing a lot to unleash female entrepreneurs. She also looks to Spencer X Smith (a former MTT guest) for social media and PR advice.

At 17:43, Ashley gives her take on marketing. She says the type of marketing she does is trying to get into the most spaces with the least amount of time and money. This is because she runs a lean ship at Bendyworks and she’s really the only outward facing part there. She also expands on how companies can use technology to stand out.

At 27:28, Ashley responds to an audience question. The question was “What kind of response do you have for somebody who argues that there’s too much technology and it’s affecting the way we socialize?”. Ashley says we’re just changing and there are great examples throughout history of how and why we change. She elaborates on this with the example of when the printing press came out.

At 32:58, Ashley tells the audience about the Big Green Button. It’s this button they have at Bendyworks and when you press it, it takes a picture and automatically posts it to social media. They invented it because they overlook King Street and they wanted to have a concert cam for the Live on King Street Concerts. So they originally just created this button for fun, but it’s developed into something much more than that.

At 44:50, Ashley talks about her ideas on how people in marketing and technology can collaborate to create something innovative. She says brainstorming plays a big role. Marketers should be creative and think about the ways the world is changing with technology and see if they can join that digital and physical world, like the Big Green Button did with social media and the physical world.

At 51:24, Ashley gives her take on the technology trends that are hot right now. She talks about augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice recognition. She recommends talking with her or joining one of the technology groups in Madison to learn more about technology.

At 56:15, Ashley shares how you can connect with her. She’s all over, her Twitter is @AshleyPQPQP, and you can also follow her LinkedIn or Instagram.