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Episode 1: Jenifer Barnum of Naviant

We’re excited to launch the first episode of Marketing Tech Talks (hosted by Widen), featuring Jenifer Barnum of Naviant. Jen is an experience marketer and had some great stories and thoughts to share about marketing techniques, and marketing technology.

At 3:00, Jen explains how Naviant focuses on helping organizations understand their business processes and then simplify them. As Consultants, they focus on processes that are heavily paper or human decision-based, and then simplify and automate them with Naviant’s software.

At 5:44, Jen expands on the “80/20 rule.” She explains that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. She discusses how Naviant’s marketing efforts were refocused around this rule. It allows you to focus and not try to be all things to all people.

At 11:14, Jen talks about how they are starting to use marketing automation by aligning the sales process and the marketing buyers journey. They call it the “demand waterfall” and it outlines what content they’re dripping to a prospect at the appropriate stage before they’re actually a sales lead and turned over to sales. She also talks about collaborating with sales people to help develop multiple pieces of content to add to the waterfall.

At 15:24, analytics becomes the focus. Jen would love to track everything but she talks about the 3 key performance indicators (kpi) she looks at to know if campaigns are working.

At 17:00, Jen lists out all of the different types of content she creates as a content marketer, why she creates them, and what they hope is the return for each type.

At 18:50, the topic gets techy. Jen states that marketing technology is huge and is becoming the most important thing in marketing. She lists of a number of different technology platforms Naviant uses and relies upon like Salesfusion.

At 21:15, Jen talks about a marketing technology that she wishes she had. They currently use Saleslogix as their CRM, but she sees other peers in Martech moving towards Salesforce with its huge list of plugins and integrations. She sees the power in that, and also in marketing automation.

At 25:15, Jen talks about how OnBase’s CEO became a great influencer for her, on how to grow a company and get people to buy in.

At 28:58, Jen talks about the best and worst service experience she has ever had. The best was with Powderkeg, a design firm in Madison, WI. The worst experience was…..humorous.

At 33:10, Jen talks about their strategies to get people to attend their flagship live event. 60% of the attendees are prospects. It has become a huge deal closer so the sales team has really bought in to helping drive attendance.

At 36:30, Jen talks about what marketing trends she follows, and the answer is “content is king.” She is mainly focused on content marketing strategies for managing and distributing content they’ve already created…and help in consistently creating new relevant content. She sees so much value in it that If she could only hire one person, she would hire a content writer.

At 40:38, Jen talks about the marketing partner program Naviant uses in it’s own software. Providing a menu of services to their partners really helps smaller organizations that often times may not even have a marketing department. Jen finds great value in being able to have conversations with their team of subject matter experts for content generation.

At 44:28, Jen talks about how they have recently made video a priority and have allocated budget to increase it’s creation and use within their content mix. They hope to capitalize on the “storytelling” buzz that is apparent in marketing today.

At 46:45, Matthew asks Jen what she thinks innovation in marketing is. She quickly responds with “simplifying processes.” On customer facing side, innovation will be harnessing the ability to break through the clutter.

At 48:48, Jen was asked about Naviant’s executive breakfast events. She talks about how they harness the power of small regional live events. Its a small intimate setting with the right people, focused on an industry topic where the attendees are more likely to open up and participate.

At 50:26, Jen was asked how she justifies her job…or marketing in general. It all revolves around metrics and customer experience. She tells a story about specific conversations with customers that do not happen without marketing.

At 55:17, she talks about the value they get from social media. They are B2B so they feel that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social tools for them. They also use Facebook as a cultural recruiting-based tool.

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