Jen Mauerman

In the latest episode of Marketing Tech Talks, Matthew Gonnering, Widen CEO sits down with Jen Mauerman, digital media manager at Wisconsin Distributors, a distributor of craft and import beers, water and energy drinks in over 22 counties in Southern Wisconsin with 2 warehouses located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin and Appleton, Wisconsin. Their most popular brands include Bud Light, Busch Light, Stella Artois, New Belgium, Labatt Blue, Goose Island, Wisconsin Brewing Company and Monster Energy Drinks. So this is one of our favorite episodes, because…Beer!

At 0:35, Jen gives us a brief recap of her background in marketing and how she got here, and also a little background on Wisconsin Distributors (WD)

At 2:40, Jen talks about how they are both B2B and B2C, which is a unique situation. They sell to both retailers and direct to customers. They use the “Wisconsin Distributors” brand to market to retailers. They created a second brand called “Beer Society of Wisconsin” and use that market to consumers.

At 6:20, Jen says “A Brand is a product, or line of products that the consumer feels a connection with.” They use analytics to gauge people’s connections to different brands and a promotions that they run.

8:40, Jen talks about how starting the “Beer Society of Wisconsin” brand to talk directly to consumers was an “experiment that went right.” They created a platform to speak directly to consumers and showcase their brands. They saw big jumps in engagement on social media.

At 11:50, Jen talks about how they use social media to flow visitors over to their website. They look at the numbers in google analytics on a weekly basis, and they use the data to justify marketing spend. Increased brand awareness is reflected in website traffic and helps them prove their ROI.

At 14:00, She talks about using Buffer to schedule social media posts, amongst other analytic apps contained within social media platforms.

At 15:00 Matthew asked Jen about story-based content. Jen says that people feel good when they can connect with a brand, and stories do that better than most other tactics.

At 16:30, Jen talks about the technology they use for their event-based marketing. They use Eventbrite for their monthly social hours. They are usually branded as the Beer Society of Wisconsin.

At 20:55, Jen is asked how their utilizing the Beer Society brand to create brand awareness vs. directly selling. She talks about how she would would sell a brand that makes you prettier.

At 23:45, Jen talks about how most of their brands have sales portals to funnel stories and content to their distributors to then reuse on their own channels.

At 28:45, Jen talks about the make up for their marketing team. Matthew noted that the 21 year old version of himself would have been a great beer brand ambassador. She also give us her “Starting 5” of her marketing basketball team. Number 1 is the sprinter marketer. They get the word out quickly. Number 2 is the marathon marketer. They take their time and plan for the long term. Number 3 is the Michael Jordan marketer. They’re well rounded and can help anyone, and takes chances. Number 4 is the creative. They create fun content that grabs attention. FInally, number 5 is the analytic marketing. They dig deep in the numbers to analyze what is working and what is not.

At 39:17, Matthew asks Jen to explain the marketing technology stack they use in all their marketing operations. Jen quotes popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Buffer for social media scheduling, Mailchimp for email marketing, Google analytics, and WordPress as their web CMS. They also use The Sales Marketer app from Redtwine, which allowed them to go green by eliminating a lot of paper, and also gives all their sales reps all of the necessary sales materials directly on iPads that they can carry with them out in the field.

At 46:00, Matthew asks specifically about Internal communications between sales and marketing. Jen says that marketing and sales go hand in hand. It’s a constant struggle to make it better and more efficient.

At 48:45, Jen cites using blogs and webinars to keep her marketing skills sharp. Social Media Today, and Business to Community are her favorite blogs. She also likes to attend events like Social Media Breakfast, and Social Media Week in Chicago.

At 102:40, we learn that Widen employees know a lot about beer.

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